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A Black Trans Archive that centres us but allows us to fabricate stories that are informed by our experience.

I really wanted to allow us to be trans within the story but not have it be a book of trauma to experience. So i didnt recreate any trauma or anthing. And working with my collaborators and hearing them talk about their ideas when it came to creating stories really allowed me to focus on creating something that would make us feel proud to be Black and Trans.

I mean I am so proud of being trans but in the workshops we did I saw that when we are together we were allowed to feel pride but as soon as we left that pride didnt always stay with me. thats not to say that i felt like i lost it but more that there were moments in life that made me feel ashamed or like i wanted to dissappear or something.

Not really sure but I knew that I wanted to have trans peoples experieces as the prime thing that was held within the archive. Nothing should overide us within the archive and any moment that happens still must end up centering us.

Tbh I wish i had started this blog at the beggining of the process so I could have gotten all of the process of creating super transparent.

Well here is a good place to start.

Anyway from here I will be posting about how I am doing projects and lettign you into the process more.

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